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Welcome to sv_vids!

This is a vid community for all genres, characters, pairings and types of fan vids. We welcome vid announcements, site updates, recommendations, vid searches, beta requests and technical questions/discussions. We’re an easy going group so as long as it relates to both Smallville and vidding then feel free to post! *bg*

A few general guidelines:

When recommending a vid, please be nice to the vidder’s bandwidth. Unless you are the vid author, DO NOT post a direct link to the vid. Instead, post a link to the vid’s page. Likewise, do not link to a password-protected vid unless you have first received permission from the vidder. *g*

REMEMBER, when downloading right click and save!

Discussions, questions and comments are always allowed. Flames are NEVER tolerated.

Some of the vids posted/linked at this comm will be SLASH in nature. Read the headers.

When posting, always include:
~Title of Video
~Vidder's Name (i.e. You, or whoever you are rec'cing)
~Song Title/Band
~Rating (if it is R or higher, just make sure you put a Not Safe For Work disclaimer)
~Pairing (clark/lex, lex/lana....)
~Summary. it could be one or two sentences, about what we might see in your video.
~Link Us To It!!!!!

For resources for starting to vid, look here:
This is a place for new vidders (or wannabe vidders) to gather and ask questions, swap tips, help each other, get feedback, and start down the treacherous vidding path.

and here:

And here is a very comprehensive list of vidding related LJ communities:

Also, please remember that the community is using LJ tags to organize the posts, please tag your entries, when you post a vid or a rec, all tags are listed here, they are also very useful when you try to find a certain kind of vids:
the community's account for vids is here:

If you have a suggestion, comment, or would like to be affiliated with the community, please feel free to contact the mods. We’d love to hear from you! *g*

The mod of this community is enderwiggin24. The founders of the community are tresca and andariell.

We are affiliated with the weekly SV fandom newsletter: sv_ledger!

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Our affiliate: vid_critics: Vid_critics is a community dedicated to constructive feedback. As a critic, it is your duty to be fully honest in your observations.
All posts must detail what does and does not work. This community offers the opportunity to learn and grow as an editor, a critic and as a community as a whole.

for all fandoms: vidding, fan_vids, vidding_archive

X-files: xf_fanfilm , also lots of tutorial for vidders, expecially if you are a newbie and searching for how to make your own music vids.
either look into the memories section of vidding, or look into xf_fanfilm

and a yahoo mailing list /discussion group for fanvids: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vidder/